Wadi Mujib

Since we went to Wadi Mujib two weeks ago I’m back in my element: water. It was the best feeling to swim and enjoy in Wadi Mujib. Combined with a little bit on climbing it was a perfect mix for a hot day. Wadi Mujib is a Canyon or Siq filled with water which you can hike/ swim up until a water fall. There is no guide needed for the main path. But you can also go with a guide to enjoy more advanced routes.

Getting there was a bit of a challenge: We wanted to go with the public bus from the south station which is going to a city at the southern end of the Dead Sea, so it’s passing by Wadi Mujib. But because it was a Friday in Ramadan, they didn’t have enough passengers for the bus so they cancelled it. So we spent almost 1 1/2 hours at the south bus station trying to find a possibility which was not 10 times more expensive than the bus would have been. It was one of those annoying moments when the taxi drivers know that you want to go somewhere and you don’t have another option so they wanted 120 JODs for two cars coming and going. Then we found another one who told us 20 / car coming and going. When confirming before getting into the car suddenly it was only one way. Luckily a Jordanian friend was with us who started to scan the whole bus station for better options. Finally after I think even more than one and a half hours we had two cars for 12 JOD in one direction. But it was a price we payed: He drove like crazy. So we were really happy to arrive safely to Wadi Mujib and turned down his offer to wait and take us back.

Then Wadi Mujib was so exiting that we go our thoughts quickly off the crazy drive. Most of the time the canyon is really narrow creating something like a roof above your head. This makes it perfect for hot days, especially since the water is always cool – I think. There are some tricky parts and we met people on the way who had stopped and decided not to continue because they thought it was too risky. And for Austrian standards it definitely is. The most dangerous parts are secured with ropes so the water won’t flush you down a cliff, but there are some currents you have to pass just holding onto a rope. Which would be fine if people kept a safety distance, but they don’t or they underestimate the current because they go too far, loose grip and suddenly hit the person ahead of them in the back.

So now this might sound worse than it is, but I think people should be prepared if they are going to visit Mujib. So my recommendation is to go really early when there are not so many people yet. And also nothing happened! While we really had a lot of fun climbing, playing with the currents, jumping down the small water falls and in the end floating back towards the exit. But have a look at the pictures, I think they can tell more then me writing.

Going back was way more comfortable because Mohammed somehow found a guys who was working for one of the Dead Sea Hotels who drove us back to Amman in a Van. Back in Amman we went to Shams el Balad for a late lunch together.

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Photo (c) Stefanie Hueber
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