Wadi Shqeifat

That was a great surprise!

After my water modus was switched on I was super happy to be asked if I wanted to join a canyoning tour. The video of the Wadi seemed amazing and so I was eager to join right away. In Jordan many companies offering adventure sport have developed. So you’ll find an offer for almost everything. Starting with running groups, biking groups also offering biking trips, so hiking agencies (uncountable) and also Canyoning. Our friend Khaled somehow knew them and organised our tour with them.

We started in the morning at 8:00 half an hour delayed (Jordanian style). And then we got another 30 minutes delayed because our breakfast package was not ready, when we wanted to pick it up. So we arrived at a very beautiful look out at 10:00 to have breakfast. We tried to be quick knowing that it was getting hotter and hotter and that we had to hike to reach the Wadi.

So when we finally arrived, the ones who wanted to life-jackets and all got helmets and harness. And off we went. Through a beautiful farm growing eggplant and melons, up a mountain without shade in the heat. Luckily when we reached the top there was a pool and all of us happily jumped into it to cool down. (It was pretty cold!) And then we moved on. We had to scramble a little bit and then the first part to repell was reached. We got a quick introduction on how to do it and off we went down 30 meters. Down were two guides securing us – blocking the rope if needed or to take funny pictures – and up was another one. Fixing the gear before we started. It took quite a while until all of us were down. And when our guide reached he was shocked that all the water had gone. It had been a lot higher the week before. Well it’s no surprise with 42C that it’s evaporating.

The second route was even longer, about 43 meters they said. Ending with a jump into cool water. What a relief! The surrounding was beautiful, with a lot of birds and flowers and the Canyon covering us from the heat. So it was a good spot to sit and watch the whole crew coming down one by one. And suddenly it was over again. There was a spot where we were supposed to swim but apparently it was too dry already so we scrambled back to our bus.

Arriving there we all drank enormous amounts of water, and off we went to stop somewhere on the road to get Beduine food. Which we were supposed to eat at a “very beautiful spot” but since we were late to return to Amman, we had it served in the bus. I was super lucky because the bus almost passed my place and so I got home quickly. Happy to relax and take an evening off.

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Photo (c) Stefanie Hueber
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