Wadi Ghuweir

A kind of unexpectecd adventure…

Henna said she really wanted to to Wadi Ghuweir all the way. So we decided to do it. Then talking to a friend, he and another friend joined. So the six of us started our hike in Feynan. Ali and Mustafa picked us up and we drove to the Feynan Camp, where we were welcomed warmly and had (of course) some tea.

And then we took off, we hiked into Wadi Ghuweir but before it narrows down, we stopped to have a break. We had some bread and hummus. And then we turned left, and hiked above another wadi, heading towards a “hot spring”, it was fascinating: we walked on super dry land with gravel and below us where the water ran, there was a super intense green. When we reached the spring we had another break, it was super hot so we had hind of a siesta. Ali and our friend buried themselves in the sand after taking a bath in the spring (apparently that’s super healthy for the skin – who knows). Then we moved on, a little higher on the cliff, we had a tea break and then we climbed up to the plateau where we were to sleep. The sun was already setting and the colors painted on the brown sand stones were out of this world.

When we reached we put up our camp and i started cooking, I had prepared a sauce and we made noodles. It was kind of funny and strange, I guess our Jordanian friends never had a dinner like this on a hike. Then we did some stargazing, Ali has a huge knowledge about the stars and told us how to orientate and a lot about the star constellations. Then we went to bed, just under those stars.

The next morning, Mustafa had already prepared tea and coffee. A shepherd passed by and the exchanged news while he joined us for a cup of tea. After breakfast we packed our things and started down into Wadi Ghuweir.

To reached we had to climb down some really strange paths and wondering how they knew where to go they showed me some stone pillars and told me, where-ever you can find them you know you can go. But go is exaggerated, we had to climb!

Soon after we reached down, we found the hanging stone. It’s a huge stone jammed between the cliffs. It’s pretty impressive. Then walking through the narrow canyon, we enjoyed the cool air, while fussing around. When we reached the hanging gardens we stood quiet and amazed, date palms crossing the whole canyon and green grass all over the walls. No surprise this is considered one of the most beautiful canyons of Jordan. Also there was a pool we happily jumped into to cool down (it was really cold!)

Then we hiked back towards the camp, stopping at the waterfall to take another shower and chatting about all the world. And suddenly we were back. Mustafa dropped us at the car and off we went back to Amman!

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Photo (c) Stefanie Hueber
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