Graduation day

… and as suddenly as we had reached back to the camp, the semester was over.

Of course we had to finish all our courses and exams but being busy studying, exploring the country and already saying good bye to some new dear friends made the time pass by super quickly.

Graduation day was June 18th 2019. Henna and me had been to the graduation of the group before so we thought we knew what to expect. Well it was different they had prepared robes and graduation hats for us. So when we put them on we felt super fancy and important. I had to think of my graduation in architecture after studying 8 years: it wasn’t even close to being this – I have to say it again – fancy.

So then we sats down and the ceremony started: all the important people spoke and our professor made a review of the last semester. Then we all had to come forward to receive our certificate – I was super gigglish (I don’t know if that’s a word, but it describes best how I felt).

After we all had our certificates, there was a small buffet where we could chat and say good bye to our professors. We took a group photo – or better a thousand group photos.

Then we went to Henna’s place because she had to pack her stuff, after we had all her things together we went to a cafe to finish the evening nicely. In the end we all dropped her at the airport – saying the first good byes.

About Eyerish

Photo (c) Stefanie Hueber
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