Eyerish goes Jordan


And as it happens suddenly I’m travelling to another country I didn’t even have on my bucket list. But my university offered an exchange program and the courses they were offering at GJU (German Jordanian University) were the most interesting ones.

I’ll be attending the diploma of social work “migration and refugees”. It sounded very interesting and I even get to do a one month internship – let’s see how that will go.

So I’ll leave on the 05th of February 2019 and return on 2nd of August. That’s more or less 1/2 a year. My program starts with a registration week from 10-14th of February and my classes will go from 17th until 20th of June (one and a half weeks extra of free time! – I thought they were continuing until end of June). On the 14th my partner will arrive and we will have almost 3 weeks to travel together.

If those plans do sound interesting to you I warmly invite you to follow my blog and the entries to come!

Have fun!

أراك لاحقا
(bis später!)